When class is over, we all love to shop, eat and play in our free time. But, as college students, we hate the big blow our wallets receive every time we go out. Luckily, there are a few apps that will help minimize the damage on your wallet.

Check out these apps that will get you great discounts and deals.

Coupon Sherpa (Apple and Android)
This app is definitely a money saver. It's a coupon app, but you don’t have to print anything; it can all be done directly from your phone. It will ask for a location, and then it will give you available coupons for nearby stores. It's really easy to use, and it's updated daily with new coupons--a must-have app while shopping!

Groupon (Apple, Android and Blackberry)
You might be familiar with Groupon's website, but make sure you download its app as well. The Groupon app offers a wide variety of products at a discounted price. If you’re planning an outing (to a restaurant, exercise class, mini trip, etc.) beforehand, make sure you check on Groupon first to save big bucks. This app will also help you get name brand items at a fraction of the price.

ShopSavvy (Apple and Android)
If you frequent stores such as WalMart, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew or even Victoria's Secret, make sure you download ShopSavvy, another go-to when shopping! It shows you the most popular stores' deals right before you even get to the store. And, its useful barcode scanner helps you find alternative stores with the same item at a lower price.

LivingSocial (Apple and Android)
LivingSocial has a wide range of discounts, from clothing to home products to restaurants. It's very popular among those who love to travel, because it has great deals on trips. Simple and easy to use, this app is more for those who like online shopping and planning beforehand.

Shooger (Apple and Android)
This is a great app that let’s you do everything from the palm of your hand by helping you find deals that are available just in your area. You can also purchase and redeem everything through your phone.