Urban Outfitters is receiving criticism for selling a “vintage Kent State” sweatshirt with what appears to be blood spatter, reports Buzzfeed.

The sweatshirt, which was being sold for $129, is reminiscent of the Kent State massacre of 1970. Urban Outfitters apologized Monday morning, saying it never intended for the sweatshirt to draw any relation to the massacre, and that what looked like blood and bullet holes were really just “discoloration from the original shade of the shirt and the holes are from natural wear and fray.”

Urban Outfitters took down the sweatshirt from its online store but not before someone could purchase it. The sweatshirt is now listed on eBay with an opening bid of $550. “I ordered it and am waiting myself, as soon as it arrives, I’ll ship it to you. Perfect for Halloween or whatever your deal is,” its description reads.

Kent State has released a statement reading, “We take great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit. This item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the Kent State community today.”

In May of 1970, the Ohio National Guard killed four Kent State students and wounded 10 others after opening fire on a group of Vietnam War protestors.

This isn’t the first time Urban Outfitters has pulled a product after receiving backlash. In 2010, the store pulled a shirt that read ‘Eat Less,’ and earlier this year removed a shirt that had ‘Depression’ written on it. Many criticized the store for glamorizing anorexia and depression with these products.