William Keane (Damian Lewis) is convinced his daughter has been abducted. And for all we know, he’s right. Then again, she could simply be living with her mom and his ex-wife. Or, for all we know, there is no daughter.

When we’re thrown into Keane, we’re left just as confused as the film’s namesake, and we have no choice but to depend on a man who is – whether justified or not – on the fast track to losing his mind. Keane is far more character-driven than plot-driven, choosing to deconstruct its lead in the same way most films construct theirs.

If you want a typical lost-child film with an easy ending, there’s always Flightplan. But if you want to see something truly unsettling and tense, look no further. You may hate the film as much as someone else loves it, but it’ll be a while before you forget it.

Extra: A remix of the film by executive producer Steven Soderbergh.

Grade: B+