Meet Tristan (James Franco), an English knight picked to orchestrate the downfall of ironfisted Irish King Donnchadh (David O’Hara). Now meet Isolde (Sophia Myles), an Irish woman whose reciprocated love for Tristan threatens to ignite a grease fire under a feud that already once left her new lover for dead. Sound kinda sorta familiar? Like a “Romeo and Juliet” knockoff maybe? Not quite: The original story of Tristan and Isolde actually inspired Shakespeare’s most famous play and not the other way around. Tristan & Isolde has been the subject of many film and TV treatments, and this latest edition dips its feet into a variety of similar modern influences, from Braveheart to Gladiator and other epic action films peppered with romance. And that’s what you need to know going in, because T&I likes to make war much more than it likes to make love. Check it out if you’re jonesing for some action, but don’t expect big returns on date night if this is your pick. Extras: Two crew commentary tracks, behind-the-scenes feature, photo/design galleries, music video. Grade: B