Despite what its name might imply, Munich is not a retelling of the horrific events that left 11 Israeli Olympians dead and deeply blighted the otherwise peaceful 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany. By the time the bulk of that story has been told, only 10 minutes have passed. In fact, what takes place in Munich, which illustrates the all-encompassing revenge plot against the Palestinians who allegedly plotted the massacre, is based on a book that‚s based on events that remain both in dispute and under lock and key.

Strip all the red tape away and change the names and faces, and what remains is a gripping and balanced point-to-point thriller whose lesson ˆ when you kill your enemy, you give birth to two more ˆ is as poignant (and timely) as it is common sense. That the faces and names are real only exponentiates the intrigue. Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciaran Hinds, Mathieu Kassovitz and Geoffrey Rush, among others, star.

Extras: Spielberg introduction, five behind-the-scenes features, Munich feature. A non-limited edition, featuring just the introduction, also is available.

Grade: A