As a child, Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) was someone many idolized for her outrageously unique, yet oh-so-cool fashion sense, her world’s greatest tree house, her dog Brandon’s ability to play a mean game of poker and of course for her fearlessness. Revisiting the colorful world of “Punky Brewster” as an adult is just as entertaining as it was when the show aired. The show had a knack for teaching important life lessons, and even generating some tearful moments, while remaining upbeat, cheerful and funny.

In season one, Punky, the abandoned child with no place to go brings light into Henry Warnimont (George Gaynes), the grumpy apartment manager/photographer’s life. Season two expands on their growing bond. Season three, sees a shift in the show, as Punky grows up with her best friends Cherie (Cherie Johnson) and Margaux (Ami Foster) in tow.

Together they deal with challenges of getting older: friendships, boys and their very first “over the shoulder boulder holders.” A good chunk of the 22 episodes also deal with some hard-hitting issues such as divorce, drunk driving, addiction and death.

But even when presenting important issues, the spunky Punky’s spirit never lets down; she’s a young girl who has nothing but seems to give everything. The show was endearingly sweet and is a real treat to watch while reliving childhood memories.

Grade: A