Isolated in the mountains and unseen even by some who work for him, Dr. Vick (Dean Stapleton) is on the verge of discovering a medical means for resurrecting the dead. And when he lures a like-minded medical student (Christian Oliver) up to his cabin, he can finally test his formula ... by killing him over and over. All this naturally begs the question: Whatever happened to Subject One?

Lest anyone think Subject Two is trying to open a dialogue on the price of pursuing immortality, think again. This is a sadistic version of Groundhog Day , and the endgame here is to leave you thoroughly creeped out rather than in the throes of debate.

Flaws abound – there isn't a very textured story here, so be prepared for a few slow moments – and it's very apparent Two was shot on a small budget. But the aforementioned creepiness ultimately shines through, and it makes for fun, uncomfortable ride.

Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes feature, production notes.

Grade: B-