With a single, cardinal lapse in judgment, paintball superstar Bobby Dukes (Rob Corddry of “The Daily Show” fame) transformed himself from would-be legend into has-been disgrace. But his 10-year ban for cheating has expired, and Dukes is determined to wipe the stain off his name and taste greatness one more time.

Blackballed’s mockumentary style will immediately call to mind any number of Christopher Guest films, and if those films didn’t completely inspire this one, this is the one of the most incredible coincidences in film history. Unfortunately, while Blackballed shares those films’ spirit, it rarely reaches the same comedic heights.

It’s fun while it’s on, but it only serves to make you wonder how much funnier it would be were Guest at the helm. Fellow correspondent Ed Helms’ cameo is good for a big laugh, but fans of Corddry’s “Daily Show” meltdowns will be left wanting.

Extras: Cast and crew commentary tracks, outtakes, deleted scenes, Dukes video diary.

Grade: C