Ever wonder how a restaurant chain manages to coerce rock stars to hand over their prized possessions so some stranger can mount them to a wall like some dead deer's bust? Hard Rock Treasures provides a portion of the answer, and that portion's name is Don Bernstine, who travels from mansion to concert hall to garage in hopes of accumulating new pieces of wall candy for Hard Rock Cafes worldwide.

One might assume Treasures is a subversive, feature-length commercial for overpriced hamburgers. But if the film is about anything, it's Bernstine himself and the relationships he's forged with rock royalty over the years.

Watching him awkwardly convince his hosts to part with valued mementos is fun – partially because of the aforementioned awkwardness, but mostly because of the personal recollections that ensue as result. Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, Velvet Revolver, Brian Wilson, the late Dimebag Darrell and several others make appearances.