Rise and shine, sleepyhead (Jim Caviezel)! Time to wake up and figure out who you are, what you're doing on a warehouse floor and why you're surrounded by similarly-confused guys who are cuffed to a rafter (Jeremy Sisto), chairbound (Joe Pantoliano), face down in a puddle of blood (Greg Kinnear), or just plain unconscious (Barry Pepper).

The idea behind Unknown isn't super-unique; chances are good you've seen something ( Reservoir ...) of this ilk ( Dogs ) before. But a film of this sort that isn't insulting to the viewer is nonetheless an achievement, and Unknown succeeds by (mostly) keeping the mystery grounded beneath an acceptable threshold of plausibility and leaving the bulk of the movie in the hands of the characters and the excellent cast brought on to play them.

Those who like twists, fret not: There's a terrific one toward the end (followed by another, less exciting one at the very end). Peter Stormare and Bridget Moynahan also star.

Extras: Deleted/extended scenes.

Grade: B+