It's been two years since Garrett O'Hara (Vincent Grashaw) went to prison for alleged drug dealing, and since then, his younger brother, Noah (Zack Bennett), has managed to fall into his own tangled web of nefarious deeds. When he is released from prison, Garrett attempts to make a clean start with Samantha (Elaine Hendrix, The Parent Trap, Superstar ), but must ultimately delve into the dark world he wants so desperately to avoid in order to save Noah.

Made with a modest $37,000, this feature-length debut by director Sean Michael Beyer is more than just another drug film. It's a testament to the love and loyalty that exists between brothers.

Grashaw and Bennett deliver stellar performances that will draw you into the story. Named Best Actress at the 2006 Baja California Film Festival, Hendrix exudes a sexy charm mixed with just the right amount of vulnerability.

The film also stars Guillermo Díaz ( Half Baked, “Chappelle's Show”), Lin Shaye ( There's Something About Mary, Detroit Rock City ) and Michael Cavanaugh ( All the King's Men, Collateral Damage ).

Extras: “making of” featurette, deleted scenes, music video and audio commentary.

Grade: B