Located in classy Old Town Pasadena, Green Street Restaurant provides stimulating and filling cuisine without the large price tag. Opened in 1979 (and at its current location since 1983), this family-run restaurant is a favorite among locals – a sure sign that this place is a must-eat!

For our maiden dinner, my guest and I took our time perusing the eclectic, detailed menu. For appetizers, we decided on the Basil and Tomato Quesadilla with added shrimp ($8.95, shrimp an extra $3.95), Made with garlic, jack and romano cheeses, every bite made a lasting impression. We also split the Diane Salad ($10.95), which I can only describe as the world’s most holy mixture of candy and salad – in a good way, I swear. Made with their milky-sweet secret recipe dressing (it can be purchased by the jar for $6.95), the chopped salad is combined with tender, white chicken strips, Asian noodles, toasted almonds, sesame seeds and crisp lettuce.

We should have been full at this point, but faced with such delicious food we just had to try more.

Next were the entrees. My guest fully enjoyed every bite of the tempting Bacon Cheeseburger ($8.95), which was large, juicy and oozing with flavor. The accompanying fries were the perfect balance of crisp and moist. I had the Charbroiled Chicken and Pasta ($12.95), which included penne, basil and romano cheese. Although probably my least favorite dish of the evening, it was still superior to many pasta meals I’ve had at finer dining establishments.

And let’s not overlook the generous portions. Each item was double the size one would expect; there wasn’t a single dish we were able to finish in its entirety, although we did come close with the delicious Diane Salad.

Nearing gastronomical capacity, we decided to make a final attempt for dessert. If we thought the portions were large before, we were in for a real shock with the Monster Brownie Sundae ($8.95). With a large chunk of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and half a dozen warm fudge sticks, we were in sweet-tooth heaven.

Green Street Restaurant has a beautiful outdoor patio and the indoor dining area is clean and warm. Above all else, the staff is friendly, helpful and always available. And for everyone who enjoys that extra boost to relax, yes, Green Street does have a full bar.