Just released is The Doris Day Collection, Vol. 2 . Why do you care?

Producer Don Genson says of Day, “I think the whole world is in love with Doris Day. It's a love affair that's never going to end, and that's quite a legacy.” I'm not sure if that's true or not.

Does Doris Day still matter? I think her legacy does live on in pop tarts like Jessica Simpson, who owes more than a little to Day.

Like Day, Simpson sings, dances and “acts.” Simpson also used her virginity as a calling card to delineate herself from the more sexualized of her peers like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

I see Doris Day as the original Stepford Wife, a bizarre representation of an extreme in '50s culture – a nostalgia for a simpler time with more defined roles for men and women. This again parallels Simpson with her television throwback to family values, the “Newlyweds.” Everything old is new again.

This collection includes: Buy Romance on the High Seas/My Dream is Yours/On Moonlight Bay/I'll See You in my Dreams/By the Light of the Silvery Moon/Lucky Me . Extras: Vintage comedy and musical shorts, classic cartoons and theatrical trailers.

Grade: B