With Myopic Visions , a compilation of several short films, writer/director Chris Mancini focuses on a strange subgenre, the sci-fi comedy hybrid, with mixed results. Mancini populates his DVD with some very intriguing short films, most notably Rainbow's End , Hitclown and Skins .

In Rainbow's End , a leprechaun is captured for his pot of gold, Tony Soprano style. Three smalltime hoods lead by Dean Cameron ( Summer School , Ski School ) put the screws to the little fellow. Several Lucky Charms jibes later, the hoods discover it's hard to outsmart someone who is wittier and wiser.

Hitclown is a black and white noir parody about a hitman, Jay Johnston (“The Sarah Silverman Program”), and a clown, Jennifer Elise Cox ( The Brady Bunch Movie ). They switch duffel bags and identities. It's a dark, funny tale and the best piece in the compilation.

Originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel, Skins is a bizarre tale about a magical suit that turns the wearer into another man. (Think Mission Impossible -style pullover plastic mask with its own personality.) Paul F. Tompkins (“Mr. Show”) becomes Jay Johnston, and the two men clash over the rightful owner of job, girlfriend and life.

Unfortunately, Mancini tries to fill up the DVD with older pieces unworthy of his later success. The remaining shorts pull down the overall quality of the collection. If you're a Mancini fan, Myopic Visions is worth a look.

Extras: Sci-Fi channel interviews, making of featurette and trailers.

Grade: C+