Set in a small town in Argentina, Chiche Bombon tells the story of Chiche, a 27-year-old strikingly sexy yet emotionally stunted woman, who falls in love and becomes pregnant by her 17-year-old neighbor, Marianito. His parents not only throw him out of their house but refuse to speak to him, going so far as to cross the street when they see him. His only option is to live with Chiche and her parents, who are exceptionally accepting of these sweethearts' situation.

Instead of attending college like he's supposed to, Marianito ditches to drink and smoke with his adolescent pals and ponder his predicament of fatherhood. Chiche, tired of defending her uselessness to her oft-screaming mom, takes to the streets in search of work.

What this romantic tale does well is capture the raw passion and naïveté of young love. Actress Andrea Galante is irresistible. The two women who live across the street from Chiche's family are hilarious as the town gossips, weighing in on everybody else's flaws.

Best of all, though is the father, Manrique (Enrique Liporace). Powered by a huge heart and Achilles heel for his daughter, his character shows the greatest range: from buying baby slippers for Chiche to crying in the courtyard when forced to confront his friend about harassing his daughter.

Grade: C+