Here I was, convinced that Maxim was relegated to frat boy reading material on domestic flights when out comes "Maxim presents The Real Swimsuit DVD Vol. 1."

After spending more time contemplating just what is meant by the italicization of ‘real’ (is Sports Illustrated fake? Are most swimsuits unreal?) than most people spend reading an entire issue of Maxim, I proceeded to check out the DVD.

Our Virgil through this Divine Comedy of the debaucheries of the island of Mustique is none other than real maximiest gal, Rachel Perry, who admittedly, is quite charismatic. My favorite line of hers: "Yow! Looks like Mother Russia forgot to lock up the sexiest daughter," when referring to a model from the country formerly known as the USSR. However, if you’re looking for more erudite comments like these throughout this DVD, you may be disappointed.

You may also be disappointed with just why this DVD was created – at 59 minutes it’s hardly worth the real price of $14.99. It’s not even soft-core porn; it’s more like plush-core porn. It begs to be a promotional item, as in "Buy a year’s subscription to Maxim and we’ll throw in "The Real Swimsuit DVD Vol. 1" at no extra cost to you! But only if you call in the next 20 minutes."

But, if you’re graduating from real high school and want to give your football buddies a gift subscription to Maxim – and just giving them a postcard saying "Your subscription is on its way" is not enough – this may be the perfect add-on to your gift.

Best Extras: "A History Of Mustique" which hilariously compares the island to Marlon Brando, an anime with Maxim-favorite Hiroki attempting to stowaway to the island, and a tour of the Maxim owner’s house.

Grade: A real B-