Demetri Martin is the indie kid’s comedian. He can almost be described as the Conor Oberst or Zach Braff of comedy.

He has the haircut, the self-deprecating sensibility and the awkwardness that is somehow irresistible to young 20-something girls. Yet, somehow he still manages to maintain his own weird brand of originality.

Filmed in Austin, Person showcases Martins’ unique way of making the stupid little things in life a little more humorous. When just telling straight jokes, he tends to channel a bit of the late, and much loved, Mitch Hedberg – minus all the drugs. Then Martin pulls out a guitar, piano and harmonica, and it’s apparent he’s also an artist all his own.

Some of the DVD’s highlights are the deleted scenes, which provide a look into the perfectionist that Martin is. This is an impressive debut DVD from a man who dropped out of law school to do stand up.

Grade: A+

Person is currently available.