At first, The Great Warming comes off as a fairly dry documentary on an overdone subject with the oddest choices of hosts – Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette. Once you get past this, it grows into an all-inclusive look at the crisis, covering not only the science of global warming and its notable effects, but also the religious arguments for fighting global warming and the steps that some people are taking.

While the science may seem a bit bleak, the film also showcases several people who are actively working to help solve the problem. Ultimately, the message is that this generation is facing a Great Warming that is comparable in national importance to the Great Depression and that it will be the decisions we make that can turn the problem around.

Where the DVD really shines is the vast amount of extra footage it provides. The extras menu is split into sections on the science of global warming, the impacts, the religious and moral issues and – for those who criticized An Inconvenient Truth – a large section on possible solutions. The DVD even boasts that the film itself is carbon neutral through its use of wind power.

Grade: A

The Great Warming is currently available.