The film follows Senator Obama in his travels to South Africa, a Darfur refugee camp in Chad and his father’s family home in Kenya. Using his status as a catalyst for drawing attention to important issues in the regions, Senator Obama makes it clear that he seeks to use his good fortune to advance the lives of others worldwide. It’s inspiring to see the son of an immigrant having risen to a pinnacle of power and live out the American dream.

Whether it’s taking an AIDS test to encourage others to have the courage to do so or taking a firm stance against Health Minister of South Africa Manto Tshabalala-Msimang’s disastrous AIDS care policies, Obama demonstrates an agenda of change in the face of the United States’ current foreign policies. All the while the senator is cautious not to offer false hopes to the people of the continent, who at times seem to see him as some sort of Superman.

Senator Obama Goes to Africa serves as a good primer to those just getting a grasp on the various crises of the continent of Africa. Election year fodder or not, it’s worth a viewing and serves as a reminder that oh yeah, power can be used for good!

Grade: B

Senator Obama Goes to Africa is currently available.