If you grew up in the Pokémon era, you may remember a show called “Medabots.” In the world of Medabots, children buy and upgrade fighting robots but, like Pokémon, this children’s pastime hides many deeper secrets that could threaten the world in the wrong hands. So it is that Ikki activates his jive-talking Metabee with a rare medal and the two journey into a larger world.

Similarities to Ash and Pikachu aside, “Medabots” suffers from often-lazy animation and some awkward voice acting. The show does have some cute humor and action-packed fights, but you often have to wade through dull episodes to see them.

The biggest shame of the DVD is that the discs offer nothing as far as bonus features other than a trailer for another DVD collection.

Grade: D+

Medabots: The Complete First Season is currently available.