Seeing a title like Terry Jones’ Barbarians for a BBC documentary, you are likely to think it’s either the madcap comedy of a former Monty Python member or an incredibly dry British historical piece. Honestly, there’s a little of both in this, but give it a chance.

The major theme of the series is that history written by the winners is unreliable at best. If you don’t know Celts to be scientists that invented an amazingly advanced calendar or Goths to be forward thinkers that treated women as equals and rejected slavery, don’t be surprised. After all, it was the Roman Empire – painted as fairly barbaric warmongers in this series – that defined our history.

Sure, it may not be an action film, but Barbarians offers quite a bit of bloodshed and deceit. And, if nothing else, you’ll have ammo to show up your History major friends.

Grade: A

Terry Jones’ Barbarians is currently available.