For those who haven’t seen The Whitest Kids U’ Know on their IFC show or on YouTube, let’s just say that they are the sketch comedy equivalent of a streaker running through your college campus. At worst, it’s disturbing. At best, it’s downright hilarious and, of course, even more disturbing.

This comedy quintet takes the joke far beyond any of their contemporaries, as evidenced by the fact that some of their tamest routines include the Hitler Rap and Race War. Their comedy seems to also effortlessly shift from brilliant to juvenile and back again, often within the same sketch. The only real complaint is that some sketches go on way too long for too little payoff.

The DVD set does deliver. Not only do they offer commentary, but fans of the show can rest easily knowing that they do deliver on their promise of uncensored topless women.

Grade: A-

The Whitest Kids U’ Know is currently available.