The Dukes of Hazzard stars the ever-charmless Johnny Knoxville and the inexplicably employed Seann William Scott as moonshine-running, hell-raising, fast-driving Kentucky cousins. The movie does deserve credit for one seemingly impossible feat: It makes the TV series on which it was based look funny and inventive – and it still managed to shake down a respectable $80 million at the theaters.

Should you need your intelligence mocked even further, Warner is simultaneously releasing an "unrated" version alongside the PG-13 cut that was on screen theaters. This, of course, might lead some to imagine that Jessica Simpson would show what’s under that gingham blouse.

But please, guys, think about this aminute: Would that not have already been all over the Internet? The added footage does include some bare breasts, but they belong to characters listed in the credits as "Sorority Girl No. 1, No. 2" etc.

DVD Grade: C