Seven-year-old Damian is a good-hearted and predictably naive boy with a very active imagination. His slightly older brother Anthony is a cynic who is shrewd beyond his (or his father’s) years. And the big bag of money that mysteriously falls from the sky and crushes Damian’s cardboard fort is, as all windfalls are, an unpredictable and highly manipulative character in its own right. Millions manages to take two unlikely genres – a family film and one that will not be revealed here for plot twist preservation purposes – and mash them together in whimsical, clever and genuinely funny ways. And don’t let that "family film" tag scare you: This isn’t some dumbed-down Tim Allen massacre. If you enjoy the likes of Amelie or Cinema Paradiso, this is right up your alley.

Extras: Director/writer commentary, deleted scenes, four behind-the-scenes features.

DVD Grade: A