Did this really happen? Did a porn film really take Americans by storm, riding the box office charts for more than a year en route to the kind of profitability no film, before or since, has enjoyed? Hard to believe in this age of Janetgate, but the proof is right here. Of course, no good fortune goes untarnished in the land of the free, and Deep Throat, for all the doors it could’ve kicked down, is instead eulogized as a magnet for mob corruption, stupid political tricks, and a criminal trial that far eclipses O.J. and Michael Jackson in terms of intrigue.

Inside Deep Throat is a fascinating, sad, funny, sad and sad look at an industry that shot itself in the foot and didn’t even bother to treat the infection. You need not care about the film (or even have seen it) to understand what was at stake.

Extras: Director commentary, outtakes and bonus related segments, additional interviews.

Grade: A-