Guy Ritchie’s earlier successes thrived on a fresh, kinetic style and off-the-wall Cockney humor. After the Swept Away debacle, he returned to the underworld with Revolver, which initially did not receive a U.S. release.

It’s easy to see why. His belabored, stylized dialogue now seems stale and sounds awkward coming out of Ray Liotta’s mouth. Watching one ridiculously vague scene after another, you get the feeling that everyone on set is just embarrassed to be there.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so obnoxiously pretentious. Loaded with dime store mysticism and platitudinous voice over, it adds up to nothing.

The only one who doesn’t seem extremely uncomfortable by the whole thing is Ritchie veteran Jason Statham, and so you pity him all the more. This should be the nail in Ritchie’s one-note coffin.

Grade: F

Revolver is currently available.