This 90-minute video goes over the 10 most unlikely-to-be-broken Major League Baseball records. The records are: career strikeouts, consecutive games played, career hits, career pitching wins, single season batting average, single season ERA, base stealing, consecutive saves, five World Series in a row and consecutive games hit streak.

Each record is introduced with a short clip of the performance, and then baseball greats talk about the record, emphasizing how impossible it would be to surpass such a feat.

Most of the players and coaches are the best in the game, and there are two presidents interviewed as well. George W. Bush talks about Nolan Ryan’s 5,000 strikeouts because he owned the Texas Rangers at the time. It’s probably the only positive thing to happen to that team in his tenure.

Bill Clinton is interviewed about Cal Ripkin, which is more of a stretch. Clinton may have been in office at the time, but I don’t know if he had anything to do with the Orioles.

Legendary pitcher Roger Clemens hosts the program. He may have been one of the best pitchers in the modern era, but he’s no Vin Scully.

Anyone who would spend an hour and half watching this DVD should already be familiar with these records. It’s not that interesting to hear players talk about the records, or have an argument about which one is the hardest to break. Right now, no one’s even close to any of them.

Extras: Great baseball footage of the records that didn’t make it. (It’s really worth watching. These records are more appealing because they’re lesser known, so you actually learn something.)

Grade: C

Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats is currently available.