This DVD is critic proof. It’s one of those pieces of performance art you either love it hate, and even if I told you it was a waste of your time, you’d see the commercial on late night TV in between sips of Pabst Blue Ribbon and buy it anyway.

To be quite honest, this is a rubbernecker’s paradise, a series of dork ass stunts, many of which involve inhaling, digesting or puking out something revolting. If this is your bag and you’re all toked up at 4:20 a.m. and need to gross out your buddy-in-spleef’s new weak-stomached girlfriend or something, this is the perfect weapon of choice for her sanity destruction.

You say you want to see a dog eating and carping out a rubber? You’d like to see Steve-O set his hair on fire and do a flip? Or are those are too tame for you? You need to see him drink beer off of a guy’s butt crack or jump out of a motorized seaplane? Hey, even if seeing him run around as a human urinal gets your bile to shake, rattle and roll with an adrenaline rush, look no further.

The plus about this display of performance art to the nth degree is that it’s so short, sweet and segmented on DVD, so you can get you kicks a smidge at a time. No fast-forwarding to say, "Yo dude, you won’t believe this!" to your homies. Just point the remote and see the entire spectacle, complete with bonus career ender footage and a ludicrous commentary track about the thought process behind this scrotum stapling madness.

Movie Rating: B

DVD Rating: B