Eye of the Beast is one of the seven films in the new Maneater Series brought to us by RHI Entertainment, Genius Products and the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s the story of a small, unsuspecting fishing community haunted by a mysterious “lake creature” that’s feeding on the town’s inhabitants.

James Van Der Beek is the scientist that’s sent in to find the creature. I never thought that Van Der Beek would be the most convincing actor in any film, but the unbelievable has happened. However, the rest of the cast isn’t as horrible as may be expected.

Every clichéd horror film plot device is used; from the young, frisky couple getting attacked to the “crazy” elders warning of the danger that they have seen – and the melodramatic tone of the film is the icing on the cake. Eye of the Beast is not horrible, but it’s better for a laugh than a night of suspense.

Grade: D-

Eye of the Beast is currently available.