It’s Godzilla meets The Blair Witch Project. And yet, it kinda works.

Filmed entirely as a home video recording documenting a group of friends having a going away party when New York suddenly comes under attack by some sort of creature, the video technique lends a certain immediacy that makes the hokey concept actually genuinely suspenseful. And the flashback device of taping over a previous recording of the lead character’s failed relationship is ingenious.

However, the camcorder conceit is also its own worst enemy. The shots that are obviously reminiscent of the footage of people fleeing the crumbling towers on 9/11 are borderline in bad taste. The limited perspective leaves any larger plot questions unanswered, leaving the viewer feeling unsatisfied.

There are some really great, suspenseful moments. You almost regret when they actually show the CGI monster.

Grade: B+

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