Writer-director Mitch Anderson’s gentle Romanian accent guides us through this vision of what might happen if the United States becomes an isolationist nation once again. The documentary – and I use that term loosely because the film is highly slanted to support the view that most U.S. intervention in the world is for good – investigates the world’s views on the U.S., both good and bad, and attempts to explain why they view us that way.

The documentary mainly focuses on three areas of beneficial U.S. intervention: firstly, in the Balkan Wars of the ’90s and the failed European intervention there; then, on the Middle East and the U.S. policies to help defend Israel and respond to Iraq in the first Gulf War; and, finally, in the U.S. intervention and continued support of specific nations in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, South Korea) that might be overrun without our aid.

Once it becomes clear that this film doesn’t intend to provide a balanced account of anything, but rather a defense of U.S. actions, it’s much more enjoyable.

Grade: B-

The World Without US is currently available.