One might question the choice of re-releasing a mid-’90s special effects movie as a special edition DVD, but what the hell, why not? Twister, starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in a script co-written by Michael Crichton, was a well received, entertaining popcorn flick when it was released, having subsequently been largely ignored as other CGI spectacles have come and gone.

An estranged married couple is thrown together once again as they chase a series of tornadoes, trying to test out a revolutionary piece of weather equipment. Hunt and Paxton make it still worth the price of admission. Also, look for Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jeremy Davies in smaller roles.

Special Features: Director’s commentary, History Channel documentary, two featurettes, Van Halen’s “Humans Being” music video.

Grade: B-

Twister (Two-Disc Special Edition) is currently available.