John Waters’s cult classic is available in a new collector’s edition, which comes with several featurettes and feature commentary by Waters and star Kathleen Turner.

It really is Turner’s movie. She turns in a hilarious, deadpan performance as a housewife so obsessed with idyllic suburban life that she murders her neighbor for not recycling and her daughter’s ex-boyfriend for dumping her. Sam Waterston, Matthew Lillard and Ricki Lake are her clueless family.

Purportedly based on true events, Waters sees the story as a wacky satire/slasher flick skewering hypocritical bourgeois values and a violence-glorifying, celebrity-obsessed media. It’s also an accessible entry point for those unfamiliar with Waters’s work. Patty Hearst and Suzanne Somers make cameos.

Grade: B+

Serial Mom is currently available.