Man, oh man, does this movie rock. Sarah Jessica Parker starred in this campy and fun ode to 1980s music and dance. As Janey, she’s the new kid on the block that meets and befriends another quirky dancer wannabe named Lynn (Helen Hunt). Unfortunately, Janey’s hard-ass military dad isn’t having his baby girl wasting her time on such pursuits.

What’s a girl to do? Dance regardless! Janey links up with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks named Jeff (Lee Montgomery) and together, the two find love and bust a funky move in the process.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is being re-released on DVD. The new disc promises loads of fun extras for audiences. So for anyone nostalgic for the ’80s, a fan of choreography or just totally in love with SJP, circa “Square Pegs,” you won’t want to miss this flick.

Grade: B

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is currently available.