This six-disc extravaganza revives the biggest action icon of the ’80s in the uneven Rambo series. First Blood, based on the novel by David Morrell, is an effective thriller about a Vietnam vet on the edge doing battle with local corrupt police. Part II retools Rambo as a superhero, sent overseas to re-fight the Vietnam War single-handedly. Rambo III is just bad.

Rambo, the latest film, has Sly returning in all of his freaky old man muscled glory. It’s a genuinely suspenseful, well-directed (by Stallone) action adventure that finds Rambo once again reluctantly pulled out of retirement, this time to lead a group of mercenaries into Burma to save imprisoned missionaries.

Special features abound in this set, with commentary tracks by Stallone and Morrell, numerous featurettes covering behind the scenes, military research and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Burma.

Grade: B+

Rambo – The Complete Collector’s Set is currently available.