For those apparent few like me who remain baffled by the popularity of reality shows, yet entertained by twisted cartoons, “Drawn Together” continues its appeal. The third and final season of the show follows the derelict cartoon squad through potty-humor quips and censor-taunting antics such as Toot being worshipped in India, mistaken for a mystical talking sacred cow, Captain Hero harassing his 12-year-old self through a nipple ring communication device and a mall field trip gone tragically awry à la the Donner family.

There’s also a nifty parody of “Muppet Babies,” which attempts to explain the origin of each characters neuroses and is probably the best episode hands down for anyone who remembers this classic example of ’80s cartoon programming. Another hilarious parody contained within is the segment involving an alleged assault on Foxy Brown by Phat Allen and his Junkyard Pals.

Unfortunately, the writers, having received their pink slips, exact their revenge during the last show: a terrible clip revisit bit that falls flat with too many bitter, “hey we’ve been cancelled jokes.” Final episode aside, I can firmly say that that “Drawn Together” goes out with a bang. Or was that a fart?

Grade: B+

Drawn Together – Uncensored!: Season Three is currently available.