What better way to learn about cultural differences than by watching a TV show about getting drunk in every country in the world? “Three Sheets” is based on just that premise, and if you can overcome the fact that it’s hosted by a cheeseball galoot who ranks cultural sensitivity below getting as much onscreen attention as possible, then you might enjoy it.

When the “Three Sheets” crew travels to Japan to uncover the mysterious intricacies of sake, some interesting facts are uncovered. For instance, quality sake is served at room temperature; it’s only the less refined sake that’s served hot. More fascinating than that, bottled crude sake looks like oatmeal mixed with sparkling water and apparently tastes better than it appears.

If nothing else, “Three Sheets” is doing its best to educate the American public on the top methods of inebriation throughout the planet.

Grade: B-

Three Sheets Season 2 is currently available.