Sharing similar but exaggerated qualities of Godard’s films leading up to it, Le Gai Savoir is the story of two young people that meet in an abandoned TV studio to discuss language and film, and how our language and pre-conditioning need to be deconstructed and “returned to zero” in order to truly free ourselves from the oppressive forces that be.

It’s a visual masterpiece. Alternating high-contrast scenes of the characters in what seems to be a void with vivid pop culture images and sounds of the time are a bit jarring and incoherent yet somehow flow together with underlying meaning.

It’s a verbose film. Even the word “film” is to be used loosely as it is more a collection of images, sounds and ideas put together in some attempt to form new connections and create new ways of understanding what we see and hear. It is Godard’s work of art on film, and it remains as beautiful and beyond us today as it was upon its original release in 1969.

Grade: A

Le Gai Savoir is currently available.