This collection, covering Sinatra’s career from the mid-’50s to the early ’60s, is the real winner, featuring some of his best performances.

The Man With the Golden Arm, directed by giant Otto Preminger, was instrumental in breaking down the Production Code’s restrictions on what could be filmed. Sinatra stars alongside Kim Novak as a jazz musician and heroin addict trying to kick. Not as shocking as it was at the time, but still a fine film.

None but the Brave is notable as Sinatra’s first and only directing job, an anti-war parable from 1965 about a squad of U.S. soldiers stranded on an island who must make peace with a group of Japanese living there. Also, Some Came Running (see separate review), The Tender Trap and Marriage on the Rocks.

Grade: A-

Frank Sinatra - The Golden Years is currently available.