The Lather Effect longs to offer up a return to the great films that its Gen-X characters were likely weaned on like The Breakfast Club and The Big Chill.

Unfortunately, this film lacks so many of the before mentioned classics’ crucial elements (likable characters, an engaging plot, fluid composition) that it fails to hit the mark.

The plot revolves around a group of high school buddies, now in their 30s, who reunite for an ’80s themed “Come as You Were” party. But we don’t get to see the party shenanigans. That might actually make the film fun.

What we get is the aftermath: the hangovers, the colossal mess left behind, the lingering pools of vomit. It’s meant to be symbolic of youth’s sometimes-messy aftermath, but in the end it’s about as much fun as … well, cleaning up after said party.

The Lather Effect is currently available.