The thing about making fun of everybody else is that at some point you’re going to have to step up and produce something yourself. The greatness of The Onion paper speaks for itself.

They are very rarely off-target and practically never lame. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their first cinematic endeavor.

What works about The Onion paper are the headlines (usually in accompaniment with some cleverly-conceived Photoshopping). The actual articles are usually just gravy, which are mostly redundant, but which you can stop reading after you get the point. You don’t have that option with the movie.

The film is a series of sketches loosely tied together (à la The Kentucky Fried Movie). The premises for these sketches vary from mildly amusing to just plain tired. Add to this their stretched-thin length, and you have a deadly combination.

Simply put, The Onion would rip on this if it didn’t have their name on it.

Grade: D

The Onion Movie is currently available.