Delightfully tacky and totally unrefined, the magical world of Xanadu comes gliding back into our lives like a hot blonde Greek goddess on roller skates. If ever there was a classic of sheer wacked out ballsiness in filmmaking, this is it.

There seems to have been a zero restraint policy in the making of this fantastic freak show. Starring a young Olivia Newton-John at her most spicy and the legendary Gene Kelly in what may have been his last musical, Xanadu can rightfully take its place among the most awesomely awful films.

The sheer abandon shown by the entire cast and crew is dazzling. Crazy costumes, wild dance numbers, insidiously sappy love scenes and hokey dialogue capture the dream world of SoCal beach culture in the late ’70s like no other picture.

Grade: A

Xanadu – Magical Musical Edition is currently available.