For better or worse, the Star Wars prequels have sparked countless debates and discussions. This is the central theme of The Audience Strikes Back. This odd film follows the heated discussions between a room full of people from different backgrounds as they debate Revenge of the Sith and, ultimately, George Lucas’ standing in their hearts.

As the argument unfolds, however, they find that Star Wars brings up issues far beyond science fiction. Religion, homosexuality and the Bush administration all come up as the group’s personal problems start to clash with each other.

Perhaps the biggest flaw of this film is that it’s a scripted performance, not a documentary, so the discussions often become one-sided when the writer wants to make a point. The characters – which include a homosexual couple, a Christian fundamentalist and a far too nice guy with a guitar – often come off so one-dimensional that they undermine their messages.

The film can also become dull to viewers who are not ready to watch hours of Star Wars-related social commentary.

Grade: D

The Audience Strikes Back is currently available.