With hype building for Quentin Tarantino’s long-rumored WWII film of the same name, the original Italian Dirty Dozen rip-off gets a fresh release. What they don’t tell you is that Tarantino’s film will have nothing to do with this film except for stealing its title and utilizing the Men on a Mission sub-genre.

A caravan of prisoners condemned to court martial is ambushed by Nazis. The prisoners escape and head for Switzerland. But along the way they end up volunteering for a deadly commando mission requiring them to sneak into a Nazi base.

The film is only mildly entertaining and completely derivative. The three-disc release seems a bit superfluous for an exploitation film that was once reissued under the title G.I. Bro in an attempt to cash in on Blaxploitation audiences. One interesting feature/marketing ploy, a conversation between Tarantino and director Enzo Castellari, is in actuality just Tarantino rambling about his own film.

Grade: C Inglorious Bastards (3-Disc Special Edition) is currently available.