When watching old Hollywood films, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone with the Wind and South Pacific, it’s hard not to cringe when confronted with antiquated and hateful racial stereotypes. Carmen Miranda, one of the few “Latin” actresses who thrived back in the day, mostly managed to walk the line of exaggerated Brazilian spitfire without being offensive.

Acting as second banana to her more subdued co-stars, Miranda provided both the sizzle and comic relief in her films. Funnily enough, as time goes by, Miranda’s star has eclipsed the likes of many of the headline names, like Alice Faye, Vivian Blaine and Dennis O’Keefe – you don’t see 20th Century Fox releasing box sets in their names.

The Carmen Miranda Collection, including Doll Face, Something for the Boys, If I’m Lucky and Greenwich Village, provides five great reasons to fall in love with this lady, her schtick still crazy after all these years.

Grade: A

The Carmen Miranda Collection is currently available.