Car alarms, jackhammers, truck beeps — urban life is a constant bombardment of noise from which there often seems no escape. For once in his life, David Owen (Tim Robbins) of New York has decided to take action. He becomes the Rectifier, a noise vigilante, leaving incapacitated cars in his wake and inspiring legions of followers.

David soon becomes obsessed with his mission at the cost of his marriage. Now, the mayor, played by William Hurt (another in a string of eccentric performances), has made it his mission to bring down the Rectifier.

Watching this movie, you may notice something odd about it: it’s about real life – adults acting like adults, psychologically developed characters battling a feeling of impotence in the modern world. And yet, it also manages to be brazenly funny, a genuine kind of humor that surprises you.

This flies in the face of the current studio comedy output. It’s downright refreshing. Hats off to writer/director Henry Bean (The Believer).

Grade: A

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