Electile Dysfunction comes out at a time in when American people find themselves divided over the future of the country. The documentary, directed and produced by Mary Patel, follows various election campaigns, including the 2006 Pennsylvania governor race, and tries to shed some light on the business that has become American politics.

Dysfunction looks at campaign consultants and their work behind the scenes in order to shape the candidates’ public image through the use of focus groups and polling strategies. In addition, it looks at Senator McCain’s role in deregulating media and the implications it has had on campaigns in terms of funds and “soft money.”

The DVD features interviews with 2008 presidential candidates Senator John McCain and Dennis Kucinich, campaign consultant Joe Trippi, former Governor Christine Todd Whitman and actor Elliot Gould, to name a few. Also, included are deleted scenes and “The American” music video.

Grade: B

Electile Dysfunction is currently available.