Walking up to Sushi Hiroba you may feel like you’ve journeyed to Japan for your dining experience. The exterior of the restaurant is designed to look like a Japanese fisherman’s hut, complete with straw decorating its roof and a large painting of ocean waves drawing your eyes to its huge front windows.

The seaside theme correlates directly to Sushi Hiroba’s motto: Sushi at its best. Where else would you go to partake of the freshest quality ingredients than straight to the source at a fisherman’s own abode?

The interior of the restaurant is anything but humble though. The sleek lines of the furnishings and authentic feel of the woodwork throughout, suggest every piece of décor is planned with the intention of creating a luxurious but comfortable atmosphere.

Located just a few minutes from popular Hollywood hotspots like the ArcLight and Henry Fonda Theater, Sushi Hiroba is the perfect choice for your after-movie or pre-concert meal. The patio is the ideal setting for a romantic sunset dinner al fresco.

There are three private areas for gatherings upstairs. Host a birthday party in one of the charming banquet rooms with sleek red-cushioned benches and ornate sliding screen doors to give you maximum privacy.

Take a seat at the sushi bar or at one of the tables in the main dining room for a view of all of the action happening behind the counter. The sushi chefs are courteous and gladly make recommendations, which is helpful because the list of items on Sushi Hiroba’s menu is extensive.

The number of beverages alone is impressive: a multitude of premium sakes (cold, hot and/or unfiltered), soju, wine and beer. Any of the beverages are a refreshing compliment to an assortment of appetizers, such as the Fried Soft Shell Crab served with Ponzu or the Eggplant with Sweet Miso Paste.

Sushi Hiroba even offers several choices for those in your party that are a bit wary of actual sushi. The Shrimp Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing, various bowls of Udon or entrées, like Chicken Katsu and Salmon Teriyaki, are great options.

But the main attraction of a visit to Sushi Hiroba is the sushi itself. Every item placed in front of you is of the utmost freshness and flavor, and you’ll want to sample everything.

The portions of fish are generous, whether you order nigiri sushi or sashimi. The zesty Spicy Tuna or Spicy Scallop rolls are indeed quite piquant but delicious nonetheless.

There are almost 40 Special Rolls on the menu. Whether you’re absolutely starving or just in the mood for a light snack Sushi Hiroba’s got you covered – from the ordinary (California, Caterpillar, Crunch) to the extraordinary (Lobster, Melrose, Raw Raw).

The Bar Specials are remarkable. The Salmon Carpaccio features thin cucumber slices with a dollop of hot sauce that serve as a bed for succulent pieces of salmon, capers, scallions and caviar coated in a unique mayonnaise based dressing. Orbs of white fish and baked crabmeat wrapped in sleeves of soy paper make for a must-try special, the Snow Ball.

Sushi Hiroba is a distinctive find, not only for its huge parking lot, affordable Lunch Specials and take out service, but the impeccable service and success in living up to sushi at its best.

Sushi Hiroba is currently offering 25 percent off during Happy Hour (3 p.m.-6 p.m.). For more information, call (323) 962-7237 or visit sushihirobausa.com.