This is the story of a Germ. Darby Crash was one of the most influential punk rockers of the late ’70s. One-time member Michelle Baer Ghaffari partnered with Rodger Grossman to tell the story of how the Germs came to be and how they came to an end.

Shane West portrays Crash, and convincingly so. So convincingly in fact that after the film, the Germs reunited with West taking on lead vocals.

What We Do Is Secret does a great job of telling the story of Darby Crash and the Germs as honestly as possible, though not all of the actors’ performances are the best of quality. But it wouldn’t be a punk film if quality were the main focus.

At best, the film is informative, slightly entertaining and not an all together waste of time. Fans of the Germs, and of the history of punk rock in general, will find this an interesting story of passion, drugs, poetry and most of all, punk rock.

Grade: B

What We Do Is Secret is currently available.