Faced with such grim prospects for humanity in the 21st century, what with economic and environmental collapse looming on the horizon, it’s not unreasonable to call for and actively pursue a revolution. The story of Che Guevara is of special interest to those who would envision a better future and strive for dramatic change.

Here was a brilliant young man from a middle-class family who turned violent revolutionary in order that he might realize a dream of uplifting “the masses” from crushing poverty. Eventually captured and killed, Guevara became a symbol of rebellion all over the world.

Calling itself The True Story, the History Channel explores the subject of Che’s life by interviewing childhood friends, comrades-in-arms, a biographer and the man who passed on the order to execute him. The film is interesting and informative, yet one gets the sense they barely scratch the surface of the truth.

Grade: A-

The True Story of Che Guevara is currently available.